Frequntly Asked Questions


About Our Service

What is Carista?

Carista provides car repairs, maintenance services, and vehicle diagnosis at your convenient location of a home or office.

We have special mobile workshops fitted with all the garage equipments, along with certified trained technicians, that visit your place and perform the necessary repairs. Since our mechanics are mobile, we have significantly lower overheads compared to a authorized garage. We pass on this benefit to customers, so our price quotes are significantly cheaper than that of a car workshop.

We also evaluate used cars, if you are looking to buy or sell one, with a 250 point inspection, latest tools and provide you with a report.

Why should I choose Carista?
  1. Life is too short to waste it at shops and dealers. Let our certified mechanics come to you.
  2. You will love the easy of online booking, online payments, online service receipts and service records. Our mobile app will make it even easier for you to deal with car issues on the go.
  3. As a network of mobile mechanics, we don’t have the overhead costs like shops and dealers. As a national brand, we are able to negotiate better pricing from parts vendors than your local garages. You can save up to 30% through us.
  4. Total transparency will give you total trust: You can see mechanics’ work history, reviews and ratings from car owners in your community, their certifications and more. You will also get a detailed price breakdown with labor and parts information (no hidden fees and no shady markups).
  5. You will love having your own personal mechanic: Unlike shops and dealers where you are always talking to a service manager, you will work directly with a mechanic who will answer all your questions and give you advice. The work is done right in front of your eyes. You can choose to see how the work is done or you can go about your life while the mechanic is working right outside.
How does it work?
  1. Simply request a quote by providing your location, car model, and services needed.
  2. In most cases, we will give you a price quote instantly. You will see the breakdown of labor fees and parts costs. If an instant price is not available, we will send you a quote within 1 business hours.
  3. You can book an appointment by selecting a time that is convenient for you. We are available 7 days a week, 9am to 6pm. We will send our mobile workshop, along with our trained technicians to repair cars in your driveway.
  4. We accept debit/credit cards,online payment or cash.
  5. All services are backed by our 2-month / 2,000- KM (whichever comes first) warranty.
Do you have a shop where I can bring my car?

Our workshop and technicians provide services at the convenience of your home or office. We do not have a shop location where you can bring your car.

Can a mechanic really fix my car at my location?

OYes! All maintenance and moderate repairs can be done right in your driveway. Our mobile workshop and trained technicians carry all the tools to do most repairs at your home or office. We service several cars every month, from simple jobs such as oil changes and replacing brakes to more complex repairs like replacing timing belts. As long as you have a driveway, parking lot or garage, you can use this extremely convenient service.

What type of services can mobile mechanics provide?

Our mobile mechanics currently offer over 150 services, including brakes, belts, hoses, fluids, lights, sensors, check engine lights, no-start inspections, leaks, and much more.

What are your work hours?

CWe work 7 days a week, 9 AM to 7 PM. Our mobile workshop will be at your doorstep, at your preffered timing within our working hours.


How can I get an estimate?

You can visit our website and select the car and service you require to get an instant estimate. If the service you require is not listed on hte website , give us a call at +91 9019-123-124

Is it more expensive than going to workshops and dealers?

As a network of mobile workshops, we don’t have overhead costs like dealers and garages. For most services, we offer average savings of 30% compared to your local garages. You will always get a fixed upfront price before you book a service, with transparency in labor charges, which you can compare with a competent garage providing the same service.

Is there a fee for a mechanic to diagnose my car, if I don’t know what's wrong?

Yes. We charge for a diagnostic checkup for your car. This takes about 20-30 minutes of labor time, and a visiting fee. We provide a 100% reimbursement on the same, upon choosing to service with us.

Does the inspection fee go towards the repair?

Yes, we provide a 100% reimbursement on the inspection fee, upon choosing to service your car with us. We will apply the same as credit on the service repair bill.

What does the diagnostic service include?

If your car has a problem that you can't identify exactly, you can book a time to perform a diagnostic on your car. A mechanic will come to your location and take your car for a road-test and inspect throughly. Carista will diagnose the car and then provide preliminary recommendations and repair estimates, based on their visual inspection and any tests performed.

What if mechanic finds that my car needs more or less services than I had requested?

With Carista, you are always in control. If we find your car doesn’t need all the services you requested, we’ll remove those unneeded services and lower your bill, right on the spot. If your car needs additional repair services, we will provide you with an itemized list of what you need. You can decide to accept or decline those additional services.

How is the price calculated?

We provide labor estimate, and fixed price for parts for all services. All our parts pricing comes directly from our parts wholesalers. Our pricing system is intended to be fair and impartial. We give you a maximum assured price for labor.


I don’t know what’s wrong with my car. What can I do?

You can book an appointment for our workshop to come to you and do diagnostics on your car. We will provide their inspection report and recommend services that your car needs.

How can I book an appointment?

You can visit our website or call our Helpline number +91 9019-123-124 to book a service. You can call service anytime between our working hours.

How soon can I get a mechanic?

We have mechanics available 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm. Depending on the availability of service slots, we are usually able to provide services the same day or next day.

How can I reschedule an appointment?

You can rescehdule your appointment by calling us over our helpline number +91 9019-123-124.


Where are the parts coming from?

We are a established regional service, and as a policy, we maintain good relationships with authorized spare parts distributor networs of the manufacturers. The specific spares are procured upon your service request, and billed to you as per the maximum retail price of the spares.

Do you ever use Remanufactured or used parts?

We don't engage in the business of re-manufactured or refurbished parts. However, if your manufacturer has discontinued the supply of spare parts specific to your vehicle model, we will request your permission before we install such parts on your vehicle.

Can I provide my own parts?

We apologize, we don't use customer procured parts to perform services. This impacts the service quality, and warranty policy.


How do I pay for the service?

Our mechanic provides you the e-copy of the bill after completion of the service. You can pay with your Credit/Debit Card through the PoS machine with our technicians (or) Pay online by clicking on the link provided to pay in the invoice email (or) Pay with Cash .

How can I resolve my billing issues?

Please send an email to or call +91 9019-123-124. Please provide your account information (phone number or email) when you contact us. We will help you rightaway.

Where can I find my receipt?

We will email you a copy of the receipt after the mechanic has finished working on your car. If you need hardcopies of service bills and service history, write to us, and we will send the hard copies over snail mail to your mailing address.

Can I pay by cheque?

We apologize, but we do not accept checks.


Are Carista's mechanics screened?

Our mechanics are screened before employment for background check, one-on-one skills check and a face-to-face personal interview. We hire only the most skilled and motivated technicians, to provide you with the best servicing experience.

Are the mechanics certified?

Most of our mechanics are certified by the auto manufacturers. Some of our mechanics have dealer or factory training. The rest of the mechanics are trained in-house by our hands-on training experts.

How do I get a mechanic who specializes in my car (Maruti, Ford, Hyundai etc.)?

Our system matches you only with a mechanic who is qualified to work on the brand of your car. Many of our mechanics have dealer or OEM training with certain brands. Some of them have years of experience working on certain brands of cars.


What is the warranty on labor and parts?

We stand behind the workmanship and parts provided by Carista. Every service performed by Carista comes with our 2-month / 2,000-km (whichever comes first) warranty, measured from the date the services are provided and the odometer reading shown on the applicable invoice.

How can I file a claim under this warranty?

To inquire about obtaining service under this Limited Warranty (if applicable), email us at or call us at +91 9019-123-124 within the Warranty Period. When contacting us, please describe the nature of the problem and provide the email you used to request the service.